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Moncler’s roots are rooted in skiing and mountaineering, but you don’t have to wear colorful down jackets, club hats, or house-popping knitwear. In each “Genius” collection, Moncler has reinvented and reinterpreted its classic aesthetic, creating everything from a collapsible streetwear collection to dog fashion. The latest Genius collection features a skiwear collection that recreates the house’s fake moncler jackets heritage with technical fabrics and innovative constructions that ensure proper function on the slopes. Moncler’s history of mountain wear has allowed them to effortlessly produce Printed with joyous vintage Alpine scenes, Moncler’s Clairette jacket is as beautiful as it is functional. As ever, this piece comes with high-tech specs: technical fabric quilted with the finest goose down and feather mix. snowwear, but with the Genius collection they challenge themselves (and us) to view classic skiwear in a new way.
This season, we’re transported back to 1969, not as a superficial inspiration, but as part of Moncler’s creatively driven concept by design director Sandro Mandrino. Mandrino wanted to explore Moncler Clairette printed quilted shell jacket blue the age-old festival, the “Snow Fiesta,” in a modern way. Expect to find fringed down jackets and head-to-toe tie-dye looks that look futuristic and forward-thinking, and less old-fashioned and casual.
It’s a collection of GPS enabled high tech ski replica moncler hat wear (some avalanche equipped with emergency locators). If the collection is inspired by the past, the manufacturing is firmly in the future to meet the needs of the modern skier. Since its inception in 1952, Moncler’s ability to make the slopes safer and at the same time more stylish has marked the spirit of ingenuity that has driven the brand forward. With this collection, Moncler makes it clear that style need not be sacrificed for substance. The combination of thoughtfulness and ingenuity has created a highly anticipated release