fake moncler down coats women

Now this jacket had a soft, smooth luxurious feel to it and although it passed the test on all of the things to look for with a Moncler (Fiocchi snaps, Lampo zippers, tags) I was still not 100% sure I had bought a real one because I was uneducated on the subject or spotting a fake, but nonetheless I was happy with the purchase for $200.

Then I decided to get myself a Moncler jacket so I started looking around. I ran across a site called iOffer which had a lot of Moncler listings. I figured they might be fake but I saw a few photos that looked nice and I asked one seller who said he would be sending the exact same jacket as pictured so I paid about $180 for the jacket which was coming from China. When it arrived it was a big disappointment, and it was definitely NOT the same jacket that was pictured. This was another bait and switch like the first one I bought where they showed a photo of an authentic one and then sent a knock off. I immediately filed a dispute through iOffer to get my money back but I had to pay almost $40 to ship it back to China. What a rip off!

Well, over time I was still stuck on that first jacket with the fur hood that I had seen and I really wanted to get that for my girlfriend but an authentic one was $1200 and everything I saw on ebay made me suspicious of fakes so I continued to save my money. The “Albertina” was now called an “Alpes” and through persistent searching of the web I found a site called farfetch.com which sold fake moncler down coats women designer clothing directly from several European boutiques and I could get the “Alpes” from them for just over $900 so I went for it. By this time Moncler had gone with the Certilogo system for identifying fakes and this jacket I bought was confirmed authentic, and it was nothing like that original fake “Albertina” I had bought off ebay. This jacket was soft and light weight, the fur trim was real quality fur, and the entire jacket looked and felt like an expensive jacket should.

From there I became somewhat of a Moncler enthusiast, wanting so many other styles and colors for my girlfriend but not being able to just drop $800-900 at any given time so I went back to watching ebay and looking at all of the details, since I now had an authentic Moncler to compare to, and certilogo to confirm. In April 2010 I found a brand new “Clairy” listed on ebay by some overstock seller with a starting bid of $100. At the end of the auction I put in a $450 bid replica moncler jackets and was amazed when I actually won the auction for $165. This was a brand new jacket, in a popular size (2) still with all of the tags, confirmed authentic by certilogo, and I got it for almost $600 less than it normally sells for. What a steal!