cheap mcqueen oversized runner

When the intimidating Triple S was seen clunking down the Balenciaga AW17 runway it ushered in a new era of chunky sneaker. Or so we thought. Actually, the trend for all things monstrously oversized and towering sole units had begun in altogether much more classier way. In fact, the first luxury sneaker with corpulent proportions had come from the eponymous label once helmed by the late and indeed very great Alexander McQueen. Yes, the very sneaker seen on your favorite Scandinavian influencer, your most liked Instagram style stalks, and Harlem’s best dressed rappers was the one that began it all. For the brand started by fashion’s L’Enfant terrible, Alexander McQueen sizing sneakers BIG was just one more bold move in a line of many.
Part Stan Smith, part creeper, Alexander McQueen’s oversized sneaker was launched in 2014, a big fat three years before the Triple S. Just as popular then as it is now, it’s clean silhouette – it features only the merest gesture of cheap mcqueen oversized runner detailing with perforations punched into its upper and branding on the tongue – makes it one of the most versatile and wearable of the colossal sneaker offerings on the market. And herein lies its charm – the Alexander McQueen oversized runner seems almost timeless compared to the ‘in-your-face’, ‘full attack on the senses’ design approach that characterizes many other ugly dad sneakers, and if some of the advice in our Alexander McQueen sneaker size guide is anything to go by, they’re more versatile too.
Basically, what we’re trying to say is that McQueen’s are like marriage material while other chunky sneakers on the market are getting dropped after a couple of dates, which means there’s never been a better time to commit to a pair. So if you’ve ever wondered ‘how do Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers fit?’ or fake alexander mcqueen ever been put off by not knowing what to wear with Alexander McQueen sneakers, don’t stress. We’ve got four queens of all things style bringing that royal realness and wisdom on all of the above in our Alexander McQueen sizing guide.