cheap mcqueen oversized runner

When it comes to designer shoes, the standard price is a starting point of around £300 and then it goes upwards, and I would say between £300-£400 seems to be the normal average for trainers, which is why I think Alexander McQueen got it right as these cost £360. There are many shops in the US though that charge a lot more because like I said above, it’s a UK brand and there’s import and customs fees which get added on top, but if you’re in Europe or here in the UK like me, cheap mcqueen oversized runner it’s £360 for these ones! The quality is also amazing as the leather is beautiful, they’re so well made, the stitching is neat and perfect, and they really look like they’re made to last as they’re an incredibly sturdy shoe which doesn’t appear to lose its shape.
As you can probably tell, my opinion in this Alexander McQueen Oversized Trainers review is really high! I probably give these shoes 9.5 out of 10! The only part that lets them down there is the tongue being a bit longer (but it’s not uncomfortable or painful) and the toe box pressing a bit if I walk fast (not painful) but other than that, everything about them is perfect. The shape, the design, the colour combination of bright white and Pewter, the thick laces, the sturdiness, the quality of the leather, the rubber sole, the comfort, the fact I can wear them without socks, how versatile they are for lots of outfits etc… There’s so many plus points. If you’re replica alexander mcqueen looking for a designer trainer in a white, look no further, honestly! I recommend these to you! And this is not sponsored, I purchased these shoes myself from LuisaViaRoma and have no affiliation with the brand, so it’s a genuine, honest review! What do you think of them? It will be great to have your opinions if you own them too!